is a site that charges you $19.99 just to get a link to, which is a legitimate source for ordering vital records.

Their site tries to look official, and the fine print at the bottom even tells you what they are going to do, spelling and grammar errors aside.

They say they are PayPal verified, and lead you to believe that you’re paying through PayPal, but I don’t believe either is true. The PayPal image isn’t even hosted by PayPal.

Another site, probably owned by the same people, is Same deal, $20 for just a link to what you can get for free.

Buyers beware of this scam, unless you enjoy paying $20 just to get a link you could google for in 5 seconds…

Posted by: drew | July 18, 2009

When Hitler found out Michael Jackson died…

Posted by: drew | June 26, 2009

Just discovered Frank Turner. How does this guy have zero ratings on iTunes?

Posted by: drew | June 12, 2009

oh noes, muffaletta olive spread on my keyboard!

Posted by: drew | June 9, 2009

Let’s see how many dishes I can keep in the air at a time…

*hears Perry Ferrel singing, “Hyperrrr-sonic!” in my head…*

Posted by: drew | June 5, 2009

My fortune: “You think that is a secret, but it has never been one.”

So does everyone really know about the eggplant and the goat? Oh no.

Posted by: drew | June 5, 2009

Oh it’s time to get my weekly staple of bad Chinese. Maybe I’ll get another amusing fortune cookie!

Posted by: drew | June 2, 2009

Oh wow. Finally a user interface development I’m excited about. Project Natal. You are the input:

Posted by: drew | June 2, 2009

Run iTunes on Vista/Windows 7 and get the “Please wait…” every time it starts up? This fix worked for me:

Posted by: drew | June 1, 2009

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I like it!

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