Merlin dictating his poems, as illustrated in a French book from the 13th century.Myrddin Emrys: Welsh form of the name Merlin Ambrosius. The myth, the wretch, the bard, the prophet has always captivated me in its many forms. I chose the online name "Emrys" due to my fond memories of Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy. Far from claiming any sort of clairvoyance, I simply identified with Stewart's characterization of an inquisitive boy who loves nature, science, history, and solitude.

In my alternate online existance I have always been known as Emrys or some variation thereof. I have settled on EmrysX as it seems to never be taken, unlike the original.

Who am I?
I'm 30 years old and I live in the DC area with my wife, 2 dogs, and a cat. We pay far too much for far too little. Welcome to the Beltway.
Why I Created This Blog
I decided to start this blog for a number of reasons. I used to only post to a couple of message boards and del.icio.us, but then I realized I'd like a little spot of my own on the net.

I am an information-addict. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is excitedly see what happened in the world during the wee hours I was asleep. The last thing I do before I go to bed is make sure I've learned what's happened right until I have to waste time sleeping. TotalFark is my dealer.
Total Fark
In case you don't know, Fark.com is a site where readers can submit news stories on every subject imaginable. The goal is to give the story link the most clever name you can. If you're lucky, your submission will be "greenlighted". News links on Fark.com also come along with a discussion thread where readers can discuss the story, flame and insult the submitter or eachother, and generally be dinks. The thing I love about Fark discussions is that you get both sides of every story, unlike sites like Redstate.org and The Daily Kos, where discussion is almost entirely one-sided.

The deal with TotalFark.com is that you pay $5 a month for access to the "premium" site, which contains every story submitted in a filterable format, as well as discussion and content only available to "TFers".

When an article is "green-lit", it graduates from the depths of the TotalFark dungeon to the freely available Fark.com site. At this point the viewership for your submission increases geometrically. I've yet to get the green-light.

The substance to this story is that TotalFark.com is like crack to an information addict. News stories on any subject appear on Fark almost immediately, so wait 10 seconds, hit Refresh, and 10 new stories appear. Most of the stories you'll find here on my blog I discovered on Fark.

The second reason I started this blog is simply to be "out there". I have friends and family (specifically my father) that I'd like to read this in case articles and opinion I post here might be interesting to them.

You're likely to find that the majority of articles I find interesting concern politics. Feel free to disagree with my opinions. I welcome thoughtful discourse. Unlike those losers at Redstate.org, I won't ban you for posting opposing viewpoints. I should back up and say that I enjoy reading Redstate.org, as there are actually a number of thoughtful conservatives with whom I occasionally side on various issues. I don't really enjoy sites that present a single ideology. I find political debates in Fark threads much more interesting than everyone "amen"ing eachother.

This is far too long already. You can get more info on my interests and tastes on my Fark.com Bio Page.
The End.


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