Posted by: drew | August 27, 2009

Beware of and Scams is a site that charges you $19.99 just to get a link to, which is a legitimate source for ordering vital records.

Their site tries to look official, and the fine print at the bottom even tells you what they are going to do, spelling and grammar errors aside.

They say they are PayPal verified, and lead you to believe that you’re paying through PayPal, but I don’t believe either is true. The PayPal image isn’t even hosted by PayPal.

Another site, probably owned by the same people, is Same deal, $20 for just a link to what you can get for free.

Buyers beware of this scam, unless you enjoy paying $20 just to get a link you could google for in 5 seconds…



  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much your post! Maybe one day we can put all of these scammers out of business.

  2. hahaha i always tell joanne, careless for math means u are not comfortable enough with the concept. Click

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