Posted by: drew | June 1, 2009

Can’t stop thinking about the literal video of Total Eclipse of the Heart. Horrendous music video. Hilarious.

Posted by: drew | June 1, 2009

converted my GrandCentral account to Google Voice, which adds neat features like voicemail transcription. Nice!

Posted by: drew | May 29, 2009

is still up. These west coast Braves games are killing me.

Ok, I’m really going to sleep now…after a little midnight snack…mwuahaha.

Posted by: drew | May 29, 2009

just finished my morning coffee and still have a headache. Caffeine tolerance rising…oh noes!

Posted by: drew | May 8, 2009

First Steps Over Skype

I’m at work helping with a deploy, and I got a frantic call from Ashley telling me to get on Skype if I could.

I quickly asked, “Is she walking?!”

Larkin’s been so close to doing it on her own, so that’s the only reason she’d ask me that.

I fired up Skype at work and got to watch Larkin’s first steps (well, really 10th or 11th, but still) over Skype!

While I was a little sad I wasn’t there in person, it was no less amazing to watch our precious baby girl take 3-4 steps on her own for the first time.


Posted by: drew | May 6, 2009

Ten in 2010!

Posted by: drew | April 10, 2009

Standing in stairwell at work during tornado warning intead of working. Safety is over rated!

Posted by: drew | April 7, 2009

Larkin and Daddy

Posted by: drew | April 5, 2009

err, I mean, I’m pumped about Ashley’s birthday tomorrow! Go Ashley!

Posted by: drew | April 5, 2009

is pumped about opening day. Go Braves!

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