Posted by: drew | April 24, 2008

Early Bird

On Saturday morning, April 12th at 6:15am, our first child, Larkin, decided to break her water and come out and play with us. Needless to say, Ashley and I weren’t exactly prepared for this since it wasn’t supposed to happen for at least another 5 weeks, but we sprang into action, packing whatever we could think of and heading to the hospital in Nashville.

We weren’t sure what to expect when we got to the hospital, and were even thinking they may just put Ashley on bed rest, but no, Larkin was really ready, so 30 minutes later Ashley was wheeled into the O.R. for an emergency C-Section, while I placed a number of phone calls and text messages to whoever my muddled brain could think of.

I got my “scrubs” on and waited in the hallway for about 10 minutes, and then they took me into the O.R. to join Ashley. Within about 3 minutes, at 9:13am, I heard Larkin belting out quite a first cry. She got to spend a couple minutes with Ashley, and then they whisked her away to the nursery to do all that new baby stuff they do.

I went with Larkin to the nursery while they finished up with Ashley, and learned that even though she was 5 weeks early, she was a pretty healthy 5lb, 9oz, and 18 inches long.

The neonatal nurses were monitoring her temperature and respiration closely for most of the day. I was lucky to be able to run back and forth between Ashley in recovery and Larkin in the nursery, but poor Ashley had to wait until 12:30 am this morning to get to spend quality time with her little girl again.

Even though patience isn’t her best virtue, Ashley did great waiting it out. She’s been wonderful and strong from the moment Larkin decided she was going to join us sooner rather than later, in fact. Wow, what an amazing mother she’s going to be!

We are back home now and settling in. I’m taking my second and final week of paternity leave, which has been great. We’re getting into some semblance of a schedule at this point, and getting some half decent sleep.

Ashley is recovering well from the c-section, and I can already tell it’s going to be a challenge to keep her from overdoing it. Larkin is improving quickly, and we’re feeling incredible grateful that what issues she has so far are relatively minor in the long run.

Her lungs are in good shape, and we’re working on getting her feeding down, both on our end and hers. Since she’s 5 weeks early, she is still learning the whole “suck and swallow” thing, but she’s getting it down and her appetite is growing rapidly. We also found that most of her clothes didn’t fit her, so we had to go out and get some “premie” clothes to tide her over till she catches up in size.

The main concern right now is her little left hip. It’s apparently fairly common for first-born girls in the breech position to have Developmental Hip Dysplasia, which means her leg can easily pop out of her hip joint. We took her to the orthopedist and they put a Pavilk Harness on her, which she’ll probably wear for 3-6 weeks. It’s not as bad as we thought it’d be, and it’s a near sure thing to correct the issue and let her hip bone grow correctly and lock her leg into place. She doesn’t mind at all, but it does make changing diapers a little more tricky for us.

All in all we feel very grateful that she’s healthy and happy, and we’re doing great.

Here are a few pics of her first days with us.



  1. larkin is gorgeous; the whole family is, actually. 🙂 congratulations for the new addition to the family!

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