Posted by: drew | June 26, 2006

Windows Mobile 5.0 Slowdowns and Compaction Threads

I own an HP hx2750 iPAQ device and recently upgraded from WM2003 to WM5.0. While I haven't suffered too many slowdowns, and recently got a CF 1GB card, I found the following article and entailing comment Q&As to be very informative.

If you have an iPAQ running Windows Mobile 5.0 and are frustrated at the performance, read this.

I've received a few questions from users who have said that their WM5 device seems to slow down and speed up erratically. (To be clear, we've only heard reports of this happening on two upgrade devices, and not on any of the devices designed specifically for WM5.) Some have dug in and found that "filesys.exe" is using a lot of CPU power and that it appears to be running something called a "Compaction Thread." There have also been questions about a registry key called CompactionPrio256. I can't explain some of the bigger problems people are describing, but I can at least tell you what these things are and what they're trying to do.

Update: This blog preports to have a helpful download to lessen this problem. 


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