Posted by: drew | June 7, 2006

Blizzard’s Secret Sauce

The Escapist magazine reveals game maker Blizzard’s secret sauce in this article.

The Sleeper Has Awakened
In 1992, a revolutionary videogame was released that captured the imaginations of gamers the world over, almost immediately selling half a million copies. One of the first “real- time strategy” games ever made, it tasked the player with building a virtual army by collecting resources and then constructing buildings that would produce their machines of war – all in “real time.”

While the player was at it, their “enemy” was doing the same, building up to an eventual showdown between the competing armies, after which one side would claim total victory. Whoever had the most machines or the best strategy would win the day. It was like chess combined with backgammon wrapped up in an erector set, and gamers loved it.

That game was not Warcraft.

Interesting article on this giant of computer gaming.


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