Posted by: drew | June 6, 2006

Thousands of Iraqi Civilians Die in May

No civil war to see here, no sir.

CNN reports:

Nearly 1,400 Iraqi civilians died in a wave of targeted killings in Baghdad last month, according to a high-ranking Iraqi Health Ministry official.

The figure does not include civilians killed in insurgent bombings, the official said. Even so, the number is the highest monthly death toll in the capital since the war began three years ago.

In May 1,398 bodies were brought to the Baghdad morgue, the official said.

All were killed in attacks; in most cases the bodies were found strewn across the Iraqi capital, shot execution-style, the official said.

At least 400 of the bodies could not be identified and will be buried by the government in three weeks if they are not claimed, the official said.

The number of Iraqis who have died in Baghdad alone in the first five months of the year stands at 6,025, or more than 1,200 a month, according to CNN's calculation.

If this monthly death rate continues, 2006 would exceed last year — with some 10,150 bodies received by the morgue — as the deadliest year in the capital since the war began.

I will never, ever, ever understand how this country has allowed the Bush administration to gain and retain power in the face of a never-ending stream of scandals, foreign policy (or lack-thereof) messes, corruption, fiscal irresponsibility, pandering to the fundamental conservative fringe, constitutional assaults, and outright incompetence.

If you don't understand the issues or allow religious ideology to cloud your vision, please do not vote. I beg you.
This administration's policy is as far from the teachings of any religion on earth as it can possibly be. Their gods are money and power. They have no respect for the constitution, the separation of powers, the sanctity of marriage, or accountability in any form.

The "liberal media" is not responsible for the news you shield your eyes and ears from every day. Fox News is not "the only news you can trust" as I heard someone say the other day. They've long since admitted their conservative bias, their dumbing down of the wording of their stories, etc. A Fox News schill is now the President's spokesman for Pete's sake.

If you limit yourself only to news sources that tell you what you want to hear, rather than taking in all available sources (MSNBC, CNN, Fox, network news, NPR, BBC, etc), then you aren't getting the whole story.

Voting is a right, but it also comes with responsbility. If you vote, please do the research via various methods and sources. Apply critical thinking. Don't simply agree with your spouse, your friends, your parents, or your role models. In short: Think for yourself.

Maybe next time America, and the rest of the world, can avoid such a disasterous eight years.



  1. FOX News talks about politics?

    Every time I flip it on there, they are discussing Natalie Holloway or some other dead pretty white girl.

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