Posted by: drew | May 25, 2006

Fit Hits the Shan in DC?

Bush orders FBI to seal seized Jefferson documents for 45 days. Somehow he has the power to do this. Is this a violation of the separation of powers itself?

So let me get this straight. The FBI raids Congressman Jefferson's office for evidence, the first time this has ever happened in American history. This sets off alarm bells on both sides of the aisle in Congress that the Justice Dept. is violating the separation of powers.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert screams bloody murder and then coincidentally someone leaks that he is under investigation in the corruption case involving Abramoff, which is widening and threatening to bring down numerous politicians.

So is the Whitehouse intimidating Hastert via Gonzoles and DOJ? It is just DOJ? Is it purely coincidence that news of the investigation involving Hastert comes out right after he criticizes the FBI's actions?

It sure seems that feces is flying in DC right now. I'm surprised I can't see it from my office window. I need to go check the windows on the other side of the building that look out towards the Capitol building.


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