Posted by: drew | May 24, 2006

Playing War of Warcraft May Get You Shot – Special Report at 11

Title is an homage to Opie and Anthony's "News Tease" bit. Good stuff.

But really, this guy was playing WoW when his gun-rabid neighbor discharged a .44 Magnum which traveled through a few walls and nearly took the guy's head off.

In other news, Windows Vista release will be delayed again. Word is it'll be released with Duke Nukem Forever bundled in.

Gizmodo reports that Samsung is releasing the first ever solid-state notebook computer.

The SSD[solid state disk] reads 300 percent faster (53MB/s) and writes 150 percent quicker (28MB/s) than normal hard drives. As a result, multiple application programs can operate simultaneously and large volumes of data can be edited and reproduced more efficiently. The Microsoft Windows XP operating system will boot up 25-50% faster on the SSD than on other drives—good news for those in a hurry. Moreover, the typical 1.8-inch hard disk drive weighs around 50 grams; whereas the SSD is 20 to 30 grams lighter, depending on the package type.

The typical notebook PC will generate around 30dB of operating noise, while the Q30-SSD will operate in complete silence. This is an unprecedented feature for people who want to use their PC in a library or other places where noise is not allowed.

CNET reports on Toyota Prius hackers who are able to change annoying behaviors and increase fuel efficiency, among other things.

Microsoft is making Office 2007 beta available to the public.

Aaannnnnd I'm spent.



  1. isn’t it world of warcraft?

  2. Indeed! Can’t believe it took this long for someone to catch that brain fart. =)

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