Posted by: drew | May 23, 2006

Scientists Discover Possible Cancer Vaccine. Still No Cure for….wait…WOW.

Wow, this is seriously cool. Maybe it'll be ready before I need it…

 A new type of vaccine, tested in mice, could be a longer lasting form of cancer treatment and may even lead the way toward preventing cancer, Swedish researchers report.

The DNA-based vaccine was shown to prevent cancer growth in mice. The vaccine works by mimicking the effects of angiostatin, a piece of a protein that suppresses tumor growth by preventing new blood vessels from forming in tumors. This is a treatment strategy known as antiangiogenesis.

"This is a whole different approach," said Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, deputy chief medical officer of the

American Cancer Society. "It's a way of using the body's own defense mechanisms to fight cancer. The implications are significant."


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