Posted by: drew | May 20, 2006

Rove Indictment – Wishful Thinking and Sloppy Reporting

Capitol Hill Blue reports that has issued a partial apology for it's reporting that Rove has been indicted. As you know, a week has gone by with no word of an indictment. While it's still quite possible that Rove will be indicted, Jason Leopold is guilty of sloppy reporting, not just "getting too far in front of a story".

I still believe it's likely that Rove will be indicted, but it's obvious that many folks, myself included, allowed their desire to see Rove held accountable for his actions get in the way of responsible reporting.

  In Washington, several of the nation's best investigative reporters spent the week trying, in vain, to confirm Leopold's story before concluding it was based on speculation, not fact, and wishful thinking, not truth.

"It's not the first time my editors have had me chasing one of Jason Leopold's red herrings but I sure as hell hope it's the last," one angry reporter told us Friday night. "Why anybody continues to hire this fucking nutcase is beyond me."

What remains to be seen is whether or not Leopold, who has left a long trail of burned bridges, questionable sources and tarnished reputations, conned the editors at Truthout or if they, anxious to nail a known enemy, knowingly joined him in a sloppy excuse for journalism.


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