Posted by: drew | May 18, 2006

A**hole Cheater With a Persecution Complex

On Tuesday, May 16th, Houston Astros pitcher Russ Springer threw his first pitch to Barry Bonds behind the 'Roiders back. This prompted a warning from home plate umpire Joe West to Springer and Astro's manager Phil Garner.

Bonds once again eliminated half the strike zone with his massive elbow armor, and the next two pitches ran way inside. The last fastball plunked Barroid on the shoulder. West immediately ejected Springer and Garner. The Houston home team gave Springer a standing ovation.

Now I won't advocate pitchers intentionally trying to injure anyone, even someone as classless, egotistical, and devoid of respect for the history and game of baseball as Bonds. Having said that, I was as happy as those Houston fans myself. I'd just rather every pitcher walk Bonds at every at bat until he finally gives up and retires.

The other side to this though, is that Bonds is infamous for crowding the plate. He distorts the strike zone like planetary masses distort gravitational fields. He eliminates half the strike zone. Therefore, it is appropriate that pitchers knock him off the plate. That is how it works in baseball. If his gigantic body armor is taking up the strikezone, then any pitcher is well within his right to locate the ball on his body.

Eeeeyuck. Thta's all I have to say about Bonds. He despises fans, the press, and anyone who calls him on his cheating ways. He's a fraud, just like anyone who's used steroids, HGH, and Andro. (Giambi, Palmiero, McGuire, Sheffield, and anyone else who's guilty and will never admit it.)



  1. To me, out of the whole steroid issue, Bonds and Palmeiro are the two whose reputations I feel have been most damaged.

    According to the stories on the BALCO scandal, Giambi and Sheffield both admitted steroid use in their testimony. Both have also as much as confessed their use of steroids in interviews.

    As for McGwire: He used Andro. We know it and he admitted it. The bottle was sitting in his locker while reporters were around, so it isn’t like he was trying to hide it. Andro wasn’t a banned substance at the time. Andro also isn’t steroids. It is a muscle-building hormone.

    Bonds and Palmeiro, on the other hand, have been bald-faced liars. Palmeiro has even gone out of his way to testify under oath that he didn’t use steroids. At least Bonds has only testified when he was legally obligated to do so.

  2. Yeah, true. However, Giambi has never actually admitted to using steroids. He said he was sorry but never said WHY he was sorry. That's annoying.

    As far as Andro goes: you're right, it isn't a steroid, but to me, look at McGwire back in the day, then look at the monster you see today. The thing about McGwire is that he's a really good guy. He's done a LOT for his community. I definitely give him leeway, but I still think he cheated.

    A chemically built body (along with hard work I'm sure), is only slightly less honest than steroids, if at all.

    Bonds and Palmiero…yep, I agree.

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