Posted by: drew | May 8, 2006

MLB ’06: The Show for PSP. It ROCKS.

I got this game on the way out of town to a weeklong business trip to the desert wasteland of Utah. I'd read IGN's review, which said The Show is the best baseball game on the PSP.

Well, when I haven't been working, I've been glued to my PSP playing The Show in career mode. This is the mode where you create a player, take part in Spring Training for a team you choose, and then begin your career in the minors. I'm having a BLAST. Right now I'm playing a speedy outfielder type, but some day I'll look forward to creating a player and putting all my initial points and training points you accumulate as you play into Power.

So far I've made it up to AAA, Richmond Braves, and am doing pretty well so far. My big mistake, however, was putting my primary position as CF. I should have chosen LF, which ATL is not as strong in.

Maybe I'll be able to get a call up and play LF anyway. The game's learning curve isn't too tough really. What I did was turn auto-baserunning on (which means less to worry about, but means I don't control when the team steals.). 

The nice thing about career mode is that you can simply sim the season up to your next appearance in a game or at bat. Right now once I get on base or get out, I simply fast forward to my next at bat. I know I'm missing a lot, but it means you can get through a month of the season MUCH faster.

I haven't even touched the other modes of the game yet. If you have a PSP and you like baseball, get this game. Read the review by IGN, which I agree with pretty well. The only thing they say that I really don't agree with is that background graphics are much lower quality than players and field. This doesn't bother me at all. The animations are superb. Also, the play by play is some of the best I've heard, even if they occasionally lag behind the action.

If you travel a lot and like gaming, you should have a PSP, an extra battery, and a 2GB memory stick or two. This way you can put music on it, watch recorded TV shows (I have Arrested Development and Chapelle Show on mine, and store images on it.

If you like baseball, you should really get MLB '06: The Show.


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