Posted by: drew | April 26, 2006

Opie and Anthony Return to CBS Radio in Unprecendent Agreement

XMRadio reports that Opie and Anthony are returning to terrestrial radio in a landmark agreement between XM radio and CBS radio.

CBS RADIO and XM Satellite Radio (Nasdaq: XMSR) today announced an unprecedented agreement that will mark the return of OPIE AND ANTHONY (Gregg "Opie" Hughes and "Anthony" Cumia) to CBS RADIO stations in seven major markets – New York, Dallas, Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and West Palm Beach – beginning on Wednesday, April 26.

Under the terms of the agreement, CBS Radio will broadcast a three-hour version of the popular Opie & Anthony show on their stations from 6:00-9:00AM, ET each weekday morning (3:00-6:00PM, ET in Cleveland). This show will originate from CBS RADIO's WFNY-FM 92.3 FREE FM studio in New York and be simulcast on XM uncensored. Opie and Anthony will continue to broadcast from 9:00-11:00AM, ET exclusively for XM's more than 6.5 million subscribers live from their current XM studio in New York.

"With the combination of XM and CBS RADIO, we now have the best gig in the business. The O & A Show is going to be bigger and better than ever," said Gregg "Opie" Hughes.

"We'll now be able to reach millions of new fans and old fans with our new morning show on CBS while offering our loyal XM listeners an uncut show and two extra hours that will only be available on XM," said Anthony Cumia.

As a longtime O&A listener, I'm not sure how I feel about this. [DISCLAIMER: I do not approve of everything O&A do on their show. However, taking in the entire picture, it is funny radio with a constant parade of hilarious comics and bits.]

The strange thing about this arrangement is that the boys will broadcast from the CBS studio for the first 3 hours, and they have to watch their language, etc despite the CBS folks and affiliates having their fingers over the dump button. I can live with that I suppose since I normally don't tune in until around 8am.

The thing that does bother me is that normally O&A would go an hour+ without breaks. Now, that 6-9 slot will be filled with the usual free FM commercial breaks. Granted, XM subscribers will hear XM content, "best of" clips, etc during these breaks, it really interrupts the flow of the show and has the potential to be seriously annoying.

Yeah, I've been spoiled till now, but I'm paying for it, so I figure I should be. We'll see how it goes, but it might be a great thing for the boys to once again have access to their old material and a much broader audience in markets where they are syndicated.


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