Posted by: drew | April 21, 2006

Where Windows Vista Fails

Paul Thurrott is beta testing Vista and he is not impressed. I really do wonder when MS will actually release Vista, and how many of the promised "neato" features will still be present.

Since the euphoria of PDC 2003, Microsoft's handling of Windows Vista has been abysmal. Promises have been made and dismissed, again and again. Features have come and gone. Heck, the entire project was literally restarted from scratch after it became obvious that the initial code base was a teetering, technological house of cards. Windows Vista, in other words, has been an utter disaster. And it's not even out yet. What the heck went wrong?



  1. “Shame on You, Microsoft”

    Via EmBlog, Paul Thurrott (of Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows) reviews the latest build of Windows Vista, and in the process, one of Microsoft’s most durable fans has a change of heart: Windows Vista… has been an utter disaster. And…

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