Posted by: drew | April 20, 2006

All Work and No Play Makes Em a Dull Boy

// For each unit of time in my day
for(int i=0;i<timeUnits.Count;i++)
        // If I've got brain power and free time
        if(GetFreeBrainPower() && !IsAllocated(timeUnits[i])
            // Start to think about current news
            NewsCollection news = new NewsCollection();

            //Scour my news sources

            // For each interesting story I find
            foreach(NewsItem n in news)
                    DoBlogPost(n); // Blog it

            // Same for opinions
            OpinionCollection opinions =new OpinionCollection();

            // Formulate thoughts and opinions

            // For each idea I have
            foreach(OpinionItem o in opinions)
                    DoBlogPost(o); // Blog it

In other news

Farewell Scott McClellan. We'll miss those creepy baby hands and the drinking game that keys off of the phrase, "ongoing investigation".


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