Posted by: drew | April 11, 2006

A Successful National Guard Exercise

Well, I just lost a massive post about my experience in the last week supporting a National Guard exercise concerning the State homeland security response to a terrorist attack. I simply can't rewrite that entire post, so I'll just say that both I and my wife had a tremendously grueling, exciting, educational, and rewarding week.

I couldn't be more proud of the job the wife did. She was the MVP of our team for the exercise. She rocked the house with planning, logistics, and site management.

One of my jobs was to work with the gents at CitySafe from the UK. Their web-based incident management application, IRIS, is proven as it was used not only by the London police during the recent tube bombings, but also by large banks and corporations.

We used the tool during our exercise, and learned a lot about how to modify it to meet the needs of the US Training and Exercise efforts. It's already a great tool, but it's going to be even better soon.

I also enjoyed working with Nick, Neal, and Ed. Classy and brilliant fellows.

It was really rewarding to take part in improving our homeland defense and emergency management. Katrina laid bare our weaknesses in inter-agency communications and command from the top to the bottom.

Everyone involved in our exercise learned a LOT, and everyone from the National Guard to the state officials were excited about that.

That's cool.


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