Posted by: drew | April 5, 2006

On the Road Again

Man, I had no idea that 99% of Illinois is flat, featureless farmland!

Chicago has such a history and mistique too. Oh well, I'm on travel this week and throughout the weekend, so my news-gathering groove is on suspension until next week.

I'm read a book called, The Rule of Four right now. It's rather interesting. I've jotted down the page numbers of some of the more interesting philosophical passages. I'll post them when able.

Time to go rejoin the rest of the team down at the bar. I've eaten out so much in the last two days that eating and drinking is becomming very hard to do…ugh. I'll drink a few for ya this week I'm sure…

Oh, and Cynthia McKinney is a stooge.

And Tom Delay is either the paragon of virtue to be so completely surrounded by criminals, or he's simply a crook. 


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