Posted by: drew | April 3, 2006

No News is Good News?

Well well, I have been a busy boy. I've been lucky to even get to check out the news of the past week and a half, much less write about it.

The biggest stories of the last week were Jill Carroll being freed in Iraq and confirmation of the British memo describing the meeting between Blair and Bush in which Bush is clearly heading to war before he even tries to get the UN on board. His other bright idea was to paint a plane in UN colors, fly it over Iraq and hope that Hussein shoots it down, thereby convincing the UN to give their blessing to the invasion.

These are things we already knew from previous leaks. The confirmation just joins the flood of supporting evidence that Bush and Cheney wanted to invade Iraq from the moment they stepped in office in 2000. It wasn't an invasion of last resort. It was a war of choice.

Anyway, aside from that, the Baseball season is underway! I'm watching the Braves opening game I DVRed earlier today. Very exciting. I wonder if I can update my rosters on MLB 2K5 and get this season's rosters…

Aside from that, things at work have been…not great lately. Disappointing, even demoralizing things going on. My own projects are doing OK, but a company we're working with on a project is on the rocks. The bad news is just that. The good news is that it could mean a neat opportunity to work with someone else. We shall see…

The worst part about what's going on is that someone I admire, someone of impeccable honor and integrity is leaving the company soon. This doesn't make me happy.

This too shall pass. (That goes for the good and bad things in life I'm learning.)


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