Posted by: drew | March 27, 2006

Heads a Rollin’ at Microsoft

In a followup to my previous post, apparently heads have already begun to roll at the ole Gates shop.

This time around, Microsoft held someone publicly accountable.

After another delay in the release of its Windows Vista operating system, Microsoft last week put a new executive in charge of future Windows projects and replaced several other managers. The changes are designed to better align Microsoft's desktop and Internet software teams and get products to market faster.

That's imperative after Microsoft co-president Jim Allchin said last week that the already much-delayed Vista system won't be generally available until January, months later than promised. It means Vista will ship too late for the important holiday sales season, a deadline few in the industry expected Microsoft to miss. Versions of Vista for Microsoft's largest business customers will ship in November. The stakes are high: Goldman Sachs estimates Vista will add $1 billion to $1.5 billion in revenue to Microsoft's top line in the six quarters after its release.

For more info on the stalled OS, see this NY Times article.


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