Posted by: drew | March 24, 2006

PS3 Ditching the Kangaroo Killer Controller

Rejoice all ye PS3 fans. The engineers at Sony finally got the message that their proposed controller design STINKS.

In an unfortunate turn of events for the legions of Australian video game fans, Sony’s president of the Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios division Phil Harrison announced today that the upcoming PlayStation 3 controller will be unable to pull double duty as a precision kangaroo killer. Apparently the boomerang/banana shape that we’ve come to hate despise detest accept as the PS3’s major drawback is being “tossed” in favor of an unspecified redesign (NOT the one pictured here) that will be unveiled at E3 in May.

There’s a lot of pressure on Sony here to unveil something appealing for several reasons: they need to placate the vocal minority of ravenous fanboys who publicly slammed the initial design, but more importantly, they need to prove they can outdesign a bunch of very talented gaming blog readers.


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