Posted by: drew | March 14, 2006

Update on the “Evil Twin”

According to, Claude Allen, former Bush aide, admitted to a store investigator that he had committed fraud.

Target Corp. investigator Pete Schomburg said he stopped Allen on January 2 outside the company’s Gaithersburg store after Allen allegedly received a refund for items using a receipt from an earlier purchase.

“Allen had receipts from previous purchases at Target stores and admitted to Agent Schomburg that he was committing fraudulent returns,” according to the charging documents filed March 7, two days before Allen was charged with theft and theft scheme.

Allen resigned in February from the $161,000-a-year job, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family. The alleged crimes occurred while he was working at the White House.

According to authorities, Allen would buy items and take them to his car, then return to the store, pick up identical items from store shelves and take them to the return desk, presenting his original receipt.

And why wouldn’t he? I mean, it’s tough to survive in DC on only 161k a year…
If this is true, them I guess the “Evil-Twin” theory is out the door, fun as it was. How cool would that be if his twin brother had posed as him when committing these crimes…


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