Posted by: drew | March 14, 2006

Senator from Tennessee Attempts to Ban Violent Video Games

Oh boy. Just what TN needs.

From Gamespot,

Add Tennessee to the list of states considering gaming legislation. Last week, Democratic Senator Tommy Kilby filed SB3981, which would make it illegal to sell or rent an “extremely violent video game” in the state of Tennessee.

The bill defines the phrase “extremely violent video game” as “a video game in which the range of options available to a player includes killing, maiming, dismembering, or sexually assaulting an image of a human being,” with a number of clauses specifying that a game would have to be patently offensive to prevailing community standards, among other things, to be considered extremely violent.

The law also takes into account whether or not the virtual victim is an authority figure, whether the victim is conscious of the abuse taking place, and whether the player of the game intends to inflict severe mental or physical pain or suffering on the virtual victim.

Other factors that would nudge a game into the “extremely violent” category “include infliction of gratuitous violence upon the victim beyond that necessary to commit the killing, needless mutilation of the victim’s body, and helplessness of the victim.”

If passed, the bill would take effect July 1.

Or wait, I have a better idea!

How about parents start PARENTING.



  1. Our society is continuing the trend of blaming all kinds of stuff for society’s problems except the actual issue itself. I’ve written a couple of posts on this, how over the last several decades we’ve blamed things like comic books, hippies, Dungeons & Dragons, hair metal music, gangsta rap, and now video games.

    In current news, this is getting even crazier. In Uganda, they have banned playing pool during the day, and in Beijing, they have banned disco music. Both in the name of reducing crime and illegal activity. I don’t see how that changes anything. And in China, a 13-year-old boy committed suicide and the parents are suing a game distributor. Where were the parents when he had just played the game for 36 hours straight?

    Studies have yet to conclusively prove that playing violent video games makes a person violent. (If there were true causation, the censors and ratings board would be full of violent people.) Yet even without lack of proof, politicians don’t hesitate to point fingers and create stupid laws. I despise politics, especially in situations like this, where the senators don’t even know what’s going on yet they try to say the “right things” to make themselves look good.

    Anyway, back to your point, I totally agree — the parents ought to take some responsibility for what their children are doing. Is that too crazy an idea?

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