Posted by: drew | March 14, 2006

Bush Aide, Claude Allen, crime follow-up

In a bizarre follow-up to the Claude Allen rebate theft story, Joshua Marshall over at TPM reveals that Allen has an identical twin brother, Floyd, who Claude has had to bail out of trouble over the years…

This is too perfect…I wonder if Floyd has a goatee…

The Allen TwinsNow, I take it I’m not reading too much into this to think that the idea here is that this is a case of mistaken identity in which the virtuous Claude Allen has been nailed for the crimes of his evil twin Floyd.

I have to tell you this new story seems so insane and ridiculous that I have suspect it’s actually true. And, no, I’m not entirely kidding. Who could come up with such a story?

It sure doesn’t make sense for Claude to be in on this scheme….but can you believe that it might really have been his “evil twin brother?”

I have no words…



  1. i don’t see no goate , you can’t say he is his evil twin

  2. Look a little closer.

  3. oh my god


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