Posted by: drew | March 10, 2006

Are Video Games a Disease? Clinton and Lieberman Think So

GameSpot reports:

Democratic Senators from New York and Connecticut are asking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate “impact of electronic media use.”

A handful of US senators who are longtime foes of the video game industry took a first step Wednesday toward a future government crackdown.

Democrats Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, Hillary Clinton of New York, and Dick Durbin of Illinois persuaded a Senate committee to approve a sweeping study of the “impact of electronic media use” to be organized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC.

Even though the legislation–called the Children and Media Research Advancement Act–does not include restrictions, it appears to be intended as a way to justify them. That’s because a string of court decisions have been striking down antigaming laws because of a lack of hard evidence that minors are harmed by violence in video games.

If Hillary really has her eyes set on ’08, she shouldn’t waste her time with this rubbish. Principles aside, from a purely political perspective, this is not a winning issue. In fact, this is a losing issue with Americans in the 18-35 or 40 demographic.
The Dems need real issues to differentiate themselves from the Repubs for ’06 and ’08. While this issue probably bears investigation and study in the psychological and science realm, I can’t imagine your average Joe gives a crap about it. Further, Republicans can wield efforts like this as bludgeons come election time.


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