Posted by: drew | March 8, 2006

Long Day – A Bit of News

Got up around 4:50 today to drive 5 hours to a meeting, then 5 hours back. That makes for a tired boy.

The nice thing is that the folks I met with are extremely interesting, possess impressive technological capabilities, and have some serious brain-power behind the wheel and under the hood. That sort of makes such a whirlwind trip worth every mile.

I won’t lie, I learn something every day on my job. I come in contact with people far more interesting, intelligent, and capable than myself. I’m cool with that though. It gives me something to aspire to.

I’m sure some interesting things happened today. What little I read told me that 4 Congressional Republicans are proposing allowing warrantless-wiretapping so long as they have “rigorous” oversight.

Well, I suppose that’s a step in the right direction. Two branches of government are better than one. I’m still trying to wrap my head around why the FISA process isn’t good enough though. Maybe someone knows something I don’t.

In any event, I’d rather see a bi-partisan proposal. No, what I want is for people to be held accountable for breaking the law actually, but as Mick Jagger said…

Now off to a bit of gaming before my foggy head hits the pillow. I could go to sleep now, but I have a hard time wasting so much time sleeping…


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